Caltech Class 2027 Official Thread

It was my nephew. I know exactly what the scholarship was for. It was for having the highest MCAT score

My nephew got the scholarship (he attended Loyola) not the Caltech grad,

This is what you wrote. It was about the Caltech student.

Anyway…congrats to your nephew…he actually did better than the Caltech grad🙂

The med school forum is a better place to discuss med school, so please move that conversation over there.

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Parking at Caltech is $60/month and student parking spots are plentiful.


Thanks a lot. This is helpful

I remember when the parking it was free. So, I still consider that expensive. But since you can’t park on nearby streets for more than a couple of hours, you don’t have a choice. There are plenty of spots though.

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It has been many years, but Caltech had a summer program with the nearby hospital. They also offered some other benefits.

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my son saw 3 Canadians in Caltech 2027 Discord