Caltech EA 2023

Hi guys, just making a chat for Caltech EA applicants. I was wondering if anyone knows the exact date results come out.

It looks like the last 2 years it has been the day after finals ended. Finals end December 14th this year.

Good luck to all. (I’m a parent of a current Caltech student.)

I had seen in previous year’s threads that it was the Saturday before the 15th. We were hoping for the 8th. I did see it’s usually at noon Pacific on a Saturday - correct?

Looks like last 2 years, EA decisions came out on 2nd Saturday of December. If same trend continues, it will be on 12/8 !

I think @Ynotgo is correct. The fall term ended in the 2nd week of December in the last 2 years, so the decision came out on the 2nd Saturday. This year, however, the fall term ends on 12/14, so the likely date is the 3rd Saturday 12/15.

Thanks all. Normally it is earlier than MIT so likely it is 12/8-12/10.

Also, you won’t receive an email from Caltech. You will have to log on and check your portal, so make sure that is ready to go whenever they release acceptances. Good luck! My boy (frosh 2022) loves it!!

I really doubt it will be the 15th. I’ve looked back 5 years and they’ve never released it past the second Saturday. I think lining up with finals week is just a coincidence because it didn’t line up for class of 2018. It’s completely possible they push a week just because they get more applicants and this year December started weirdly but at least based on the pattern it would make more sense that they release this Saturday the 8th.

Edit: I looked back 6 years when Decembers days of the week lined up with this year, and they released on Saturday the 8th so…

Heard something from Admin office of Caltech and they said mid of December. Likely around 12/15, I guess.

I think almost all schools say mid-December including Caltech but Caltech traditionally comes out a little earlier - I’m expecting the 8th just bc it’s been the 2nd Saturday since 2012 (I couldn’t find information before that)

Just saw MIT announce they will be releasing EA notification on 12/15 at 12:15 pm. Does that have any bearing on Caltech? Heard Caltech likes to announce before MIT.

Caltech checklist just disappeared! Decisions will be out tomorrow I guess.

you are right. It was still there several hours ago. They are doing something. :slight_smile:

@ailele I just looked at the threads for the last few years and if the checklist disappears decisions would come the following day so it’s a pretty sure bet that it’s coming tomorrow.

anyone know what time?

I think it’s usually noon Pacific Time but I could be wrong

Last year’s posts seem to indicate that it came out at 4 PM EST (or 1 PM PST)

@Fibbonachi10 I looked at last years thread and the “accepted” and “rejected/deffered” comments started popping up at 3:00 PM EST, which would be noon PST

@Alec2435 The first results post on “Official Caltech 2022 EA Results” was made at 4:22 PM EST, but I guess that may mean that results popped up at 3 and people posted an hour later

I asked admin office of Caltech directly. They said date and time are TBD. Don’t know what it means.