Caltech EA App Submitted 11/2??

I submitted my Caltech applications at 11:13 PM Nov. 1st (my local time).
I don’t know if it’s because Common App records all times in Eastern Time but my Caltech Application Portal says my app was submitted 11/2… everything’s processed already, but does this mean I’m pushed to the RD pool?

From the Caltech admissions website:

Sounds like you are good.

@AlwaysMoving yeah I saw that too but I think you have to prove that you were affected :frowning: I’m near the area but not on it :confused:

If you applied through Common App, then you’re good.

This is from the Common App’s website:

"To meet an application deadline, you must submit your application materials by 11:59 pm on the deadline date posted on your Dashboard. The end of the deadline date is in your local time zone, not the college’s time zone. Keep in mind, all timestamps are recorded in EST (US Eastern Standard Time).

Example 2:
You are in California and have an application with a deadline of January 1. You have until 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time January 1 to submit your application."

Link below: