Caltech EA- what are the chances to get in?

My son applied in EA. Wondering what are his chances to get in.

ACT: 34; SAT-: 800’s math, 720 in chem
GPA: 4.0 on the scale of 4
no ranking system in his high school
Leadership roles in stem clubs;
International Honorable Mention in Toshiba Explore Vision Science Fair and won other Regional science fairs
Patent pending
Around full 2 yrs of Research exp with a college prof
4 publications , presented in international conference in Spain
Received a grant from university for summer research program at the Computer Systems Research Laboratory
Co founder of OBD Analytics Co. and entered in start up competitions and won as semifinalist or finalists
participated in EarthX Hackathon
Jr varsity sport until 10th G;

Caltech is a reach for pretty much everyone, but your son seems to be a match. The ACT is a little low, Caltech has a 35-36 score range. Depending on the ECs of the pool, your son has a decent chance.