Caltech Financial Aid International Students

Interested to understand if there are any thresholds / criteria to predict what level of financial aid (if any) likely to be able to receive as an international student?

At Caltech specifically

Hi! Sorry it’s late - I’ve only just signed up to CC.

I don’t know if there’s anything you can use to predict the amount of aid you’ll receive necessarily, but Caltech is generous with their aid packages. Caltech met my full need when I first applied in 2020, and I can predict that they will do so again when I reapply for aid this year. I needed a high amount of aid in order to attend too, so this shows just how generous they are if they want you.

It’s worth noting that Caltech is need-aware for international students, but like I said, I got in with a lot of aid, so they will definitely give it to you if they decide you’re a good fit (and they haven’t spent the budget yet).

They also only offer financial aid to international students in the regular round, you won’t be eligible for it if you apply Early Action.