Caltech Physical Education Requirement?

Are students at Caltech required to do PE? All of them regardless of their major? (page 233) says that 9 units of physical education are needed. For context, physical education courses are 3 units, most academic courses are 9 units, a minimum of 486 units are required to graduate, and normal course load is 45-51 units per 10-week quarter (3 quarters per academic year). 3 Caltech units = 1 quarter hour = 2/3 semester hour = 30 hours of work over the term, for comparison to more typical credit systems.

Also note that PE classes at Caltech are all taken pass-fail. And, you can do things like a student-designed fitness program. The current class list is here:

If one can get into Caltech, who’s going to worry about taking a PE class? At most colleges, there’s huge variety in the options. A little time playing intramural sports or in the gym may do it.

And if you ARE going to fret over this, why not do as Ynotgo shows you, check what the choices are? Tippy tops like kids who figure out what they can- and keep some perspective.

It’s probably the only requirement that I could pass at CalTech. :lol:

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