Caltech's Optional SAT Subject Test Policy

How do you read this move. Is it really “optional”? Or is it one of those cases where the administration is saying that Subject Tests are optional even though you’re still expected to take and submit them unless they pose a substantial financial obstacle?

There is no “optional” angle (be careful where you are getting info). Caltech is very clear: “As of January 2020, Caltech has eliminated the requirement for applicants to submit two SAT Subject Tests. These sections will not be considered in the application review process.”

@evergreen5 thanks, I should’ve read the policy more clearly. Lately I have developed a passion for science and math, but much of the extracurriculars I have done in school have been related to starting my own business, performing music, and starting my own program for teaching younger students from disadvantaged backgrounds how to play instruments. I have applied for a variety of aerospace related internships over this coming summer, but is it even worthwhile applying to Caltech for undergrad, or should I look at other places, and maybe look into Caltech for grad school?

Here’s another thread about this:

For Cal Tech:
SAT Composite mid 50%tile is: 1530 1570

Are you in that?

Have you read about the Caltech “Culture” and is that appealing to you?
Have you taken the most rigourous Math and science you can?

Then why not apply?

@bopper Yes, I have a 1550. Unfortunately my split is really bad for Caltech (It’s a 770 Math, 780 English).
And I’m currently in BC Calc/Physics C AP, and next year I plan on taking Calc 3 at the local university along with linear algebra and Chemistry AP.
I guess you’re right…nothing to lose other than 75 bucks that I’d eventually waste on something else anyway.