Cambridge Community

<p>Would current scholars comment on the living environment in the Cambridge Community? I read that Cambridge Hall is the worst dorm on campus. Any advice? Do they have study groups or tutoring for different majors in each dorm? Is the BSE program mainly for business majors? Would an engineering major feel out of place in BSE?</p>

<p>The scholars programs are set up so that people majoring in other areas can feel comfortable in the program they chose. In D2's case, she was in a program that went along with her major, and found that she knew many people in her classes because they also were in her Scholars program. But, it is common for people in all different kinds of majors to be in different scholars groups. Study groups are formed as the need arises for any's easier when those people are living near you. As for tutoring, you'll probably seek out people who are majors or have already taken the class you need help in....more likely to happen at Stamp or the library.</p>

<p>In terms of "worst dorm on campus"??? Frankly, none of the freshmen dorms are luxurious...cinder block walls, shared bathrooms, and in most cases not with a/c. The Cambridge community dorms floors are split in the middle, so that the people on your "floor" is a smaller group of people than in one of the larger high-rises. (and you share your bathroom with fewer other people). With a couple of fans, you'll survive September without a/c (thousands of freshmen before you have done just fine), and the location is a bit closer to classroom buildings than Denton, Ellicott, Easton, etc. D2 lived in Centreville (non a/c) her freshman year and lives in Cumberland (with a/c) in the summers (she works for the Orientation office--and this is where you will stay for Orientation in the summer). All-in-all, not luxury, but quite livable.</p>

<p>Thank you for sharing your children's experiences and many great advices on this forum, astrophysicsmom!</p>