Campus choice

Which is campus is the best at penn state, list in order

“best” is subjective. Someone who wants a campus close to their house might find one campus better than another for location reasons. Others want dorms, or others want a big campus.
Traditionally, for the most opportunities, University Park is the “best” campus as in it’s the main campus. After that, the next three campuses that are 4 year colleges in their own right are Altoona, Erie and Harrisburg. Those three commonwealth campuses have a lot of opportunities and many students elect to stay there all 4 years. The rest of the commonwealth campuses have different personalities and resources. Some are more like community colleges and some have dorms. There is a sticky at the top of the Penn State page above this thread that has the commonwealth campuses explained.

What are you looking for? That may guide you into which is “best” for you. “Best” is not the same for everyone.