campus cuts

<p>campus cuts - yay or nay?</p>

<p>Can they do a decent job or am i better off walking all the way down to supercuts? i;'ve been to supercuts before and they weren't that great. i tthink this has been discussed before but i cant find the thread</p>

<p>From what I heard, NAY.</p>

<p>How are the bikini waxes there?</p>

<p>Per others' reviews, if you have a simple cut, Campus Cuts is fine. If you have a Japanese style cut, no brainer, so back home.</p>

<p>Simple cut as in crew cut, or simple spike.</p>

<p>Supercuts is far - I wouldn't walk 20+ minutes. If you have that much time, go to Vidal Sassoon. 10 dollars for college cuts, but the whole process is 3 hours. :rolleyes:</p>

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<p>in that thread there are more links to discussions about campus cuts.</p>

<p>gracias amigos</p>

<p>bikini wax = la bella on weyburn. ask for mina, the other lady kinda sucks</p>

<p>also, bh. you can get a japanese haircut on sawtelle. duh.</p>

<p>I cut hair from the restroom of my dorm. LOL, pink you can verify this with Wilson and Tim(Wilson's) roommate. I've "cut" them multiple times, =D.</p>

<p>I don't like campus cuts. IMO they do a mediocre job.</p>