Campus Experience

<p>How were your days in UT like?</p>

<p>Fun, hot, and adventurous. </p>

<p>That about sums it up! I've only been at UT for three weeks now. It's been grand though. It wasn't too bad adjusting to the ton of walking and the heat. The bus system ain't too shabby - I'm just afraid of the fall semester when everybody and their mom gets here.</p>

<p>There really haven't been many that I didn't love. :)</p>

<p>I'm going into my last year at UT and I really don't want to leave the 40 acres in May. Don't worry about being there in the fall, it makes the entire campus feel so much more alive when everyone is there. Summer feels like a ghost town...</p>

<p>Get used to the heat, it usually continues well into October! </p>

<p>I stayed one year in the dorms, and looking back I really should have stayed another year. I've been bouncing from apartment to apartment each year after, and there's a lot of things that you have taken care of for you in the dorms (cooking, cleaning...neighbor noise control! :P)</p>

<p>UT is fantastic and I would not trade my experience here for anything :)</p>

<p>aww your last year. i've been there in the summer and it doesnt seem ghost like. oh man that would mean it will really be busy when school starts.</p>

<p>haha it is...but that's part of what makes it fun. There's always something going on!</p>

<p>ooooohh...wait till you see the campus on days with home football games. :D</p>