Campus fees?

<p>On the UCSD budget list I found a roughly grand fees called campus fees. I can't find any explanation of these fees in anywhere on the web. Can someone tell me if I as a transfer student must pay them prior to the beginning of this Fall semester? If yes, then are these fees divided by 3 and paid in each quarter along with systemwide fees? </p>


<p>All UCs have these additional fees. You only have to pay them if you want to attend the school. :-D</p>

<p>Yes all undergrads pay them, and yes they come quarterly.</p>

<p>Explanation</a> of Registration Fees</p>

<p>This is a link if what the fees are for, but basically all the student services and resources. So take advantage of them! Your paying for gym access, events, Student Legal services, student counseling and psychological services tons of resources centers, etc. Having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed go see CAPS and use the Rec, got a traffic ticket or renting a place off campus go to student legal services and get advice. There are tons of resources being paid for by these fees.</p>


<p>The campuse fees ($1042) listed right under UC systemwide fees on this webpage seems to be different than the collection of undergraduate registration fees excluding tuition</p>

<p>Budgets</a> for Undergraduates 2011-2012</p>

<p>Nope, It's not.</p>