Campus Food

<p>So does it live up to the hype i keep hearing about? Just wondering.</p>

<p>Its ranked first in the nation for food. They have lobster and steak on campus. All food at VT is half price for students if I remember correctly.</p>

<p>Oh, it's good.</p>

<p>Trust me. (I have eaten on 10+ campuses on the east coast, Tech blows 'em out of the water).</p>

<p>And yeah, with the flex plan, it all is cheap as ****.</p>

<p>Hope this helps =) (congrats on admission by the way, I plan on doing aerospace as well!)</p>

<p>Well first thing is first although virginia tech is rank #1 in food, dont expect to eat food that rivals 5 star restaurants and put shame to everything you ever ate in your life. With that out of the way, the food is really excellent. It's not the best thing ever but when you compare it with other colleges, you'll truly understand why its #1; they blow all the other colleges away. It's not just the food that is good. it is the preparation and just the presentation that makes it just that good. The best feeling ever is just taking a video of our dining halls (espically d2 during their special days) and showing them to your friends who dont go there. $100 anything they say will have either the word wow or jealous in it.</p>