Campus Housing

<p>We'd welcome any input on campus housing! Any suggestions?</p>

<p>If you're looking for a good deal, scholarship halls are the way to go! I made the mistake of not applying last year (my senior year in HS) for them and ended up in a very nice residence hall, without very much of a community. Schol halls are an in-between of Greek life and traditional dorms. Boys serenade girls, they have all sorts of social events (my best friend here is in one of the schol halls) and doing a few chores every week isn't a huge deal. Lots of community atmosphere and I'd recommend them to anyone!</p>

<p>Otherwise, stay out of McCollum (residence hall) if you can. It's the oldest of the dorms, also the largest and not renovated. And if you're a girl, GSP and Corbin are full of sorority girls.</p>