campus interview

<p>Hi everyone. I have been invited to come in for a campus interview (I did very well on all the standardized tests: 2390 on SATs, 750+ on 3 subject tests, 5 on AP Chem, APush, and AP Eng;) but I hadn't sent my scores in to Yale or to any school because I don't know where I'll end up applying. Is it usual for Yale to request rising seniors come in for an interview? Are these interviews by students or Admssns officers? Should I bring a resume as I haven't submitted any application material for them to review?Should I wear a dress or something more casual (it's supposed to be hot and humid all week in New Haven). I am first generation for college; my parents are not much help. I am not a URM. I also received letters from U of Chicago, Princeton, Harvard and Penn to "consider" them; both Yale and Penn invited me to campus. I thought only the jocks were recruited. Is this the usual M.O. and does it mean anything at all?????</p>

<p>Somehow you were identified as a viable candidate -- that's good. As for being "invited", if that came with a train/plane ticket, then SUPER! Some active recruitment of top science students occurs. If only "come in, we'd like to meet with you", then still good but not super fantastic.</p>

<p>Go and learn. Evaluate them as they evaluate you. Ask tons of questions. Meet other students -- especially those with similar interests as you. Walk the campus. Check out the dorms, classrooms & labs. Weigh your options. Allow yourself to be wooed and see if any spark begins.</p>

<p>Nice casual is fine for interview. Maybe dressier than a sun dress and flip flops but no need to be overly dressed. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>Sounds like their standard marketing materials to me. Did someone contact you personally (AKA on the phone) or was it just mailed? I have never heard of Yale personally "inviting" people to interview, and I know quite a few top science students.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I was emailed, snail mailed and received a phone call from Yale before I contacted the admissions office......I have appeared on stage locally and maybe someone id'd me as a good student (my grades are better than my acting but I really enjoy theater)......I would love a school wherein my love of Shakespeare would be as understood as my thrill of solving a tough chem problem.....that's just me....a little nerdy.</p>

<p>Well congrats. Yale has taken notice and that's an extremely good thing. I think if you get to campus, you'll find lots of people with unusual juxtapositions of interests and passions. You'll fit right in. I can't imagine you'll find another campus anywhere where the theater life is so infused into the grain of campus life. Everyone knows someone or is somebody involved in one production or another, it seems. My roomie pursued it professionally and does theater in CA and occasional TV jobs.</p>

<p>My year saw two recognizable guys w/acting careers: Paul Giamatti and Ron Livingston. There's a smattering of other actors but none with the notoriety as these two. Good luck this admissions season.</p>

<p>This is highly unusual. OP is either a troll or has some unique qualifications other than the ones she has listed. I am inclined to think she is not a troll, though I could be wrong. Perhaps she has some other accomplishments in science.</p>

<p>Geez, I don't think of myself as a troll!! I just have no experience (parents or relatives) with the whole college app/interviews. I look on cc and see so many tremendously qualified people....when I started receiving inquiries from Yale, I just assumed everyone with SATs over a certain minimum received a marketing parents like to think I am special (uh huh) but I try to stay realistic and not put too much stock in getting identified as a prospect. So that's why I asked whether others were receiving these invitations....I know how hard it is to be admitted to any of these top schools. I have 2 perfect (for me) safety schools so I go to these interviews with my eyes and heart open, but my brain on "be realistic" mode. Thanks everyone!!!!</p>

<p>Frankly, I've never heard of Penn doing this either (unlike Yale, the school doesn't offer any on campus interviews) and I can't imagine what it could be based on.</p>