Campus Interviews...

<p>i know it's common sense to dress up for interviews, but if i'm visiting campus, visiting classes, and having an interview in the same day, do they still expect me to dress formal for the entire day? because i don't really want to walk around campus all dressed up...but of course if it'll make a better impression, i will.</p>

<p>also, what are campus interviews usually like? should i prepare some questions? interesting topics? ahh help >__<</p>

<p>My daughter wore a nice pair of black pants and a bright pink floral button-down shirt for her campus visits last year. I, of course, thought she should dress up more (different generation - what can I say?), but it worked out perfectly. She blended in with other students while she was on campus, and she looked neat and presentable for her interview. Of the three colleges she visited last year, two had students, not admissions staff, conduct the interviews. </p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Each campus will be different - though there will probably be questions in common. Most interviews are trying to get a sense of your intellectual curiosity in general and fit for the particular college in specific, as well as what you are interested in and involved in.</p>

<p>Definitely prepare some questions. If you don't think you'll remember them, write them down. Its okay to have a written list.</p>

<p>Otherwise, wear what you feel comfortable with around campus.</p>