Campus life at Marquette

Anyone able to give me some info on what life is like at Marquette? Trying to get a perspective other than the school website and admissions office.

Urban. Lots to do around campus. Renovations and updates doing on throughout. What areas are you interested in particularly?

Academically, business. Socially, intramurals, broadcast media, anything to do with sports really. I don’t have many ideas about what activities I would like to do, right now I’m just trying to figure out what the atmosphere and community and daily life is like at different schools

We visited in February right before everything shut down- loved the campus. It is right in Milwaukee and an easy walk or bus to a ton of things. They just invested something like 3 mil in College of Comm building- it was AMAZING. Everyone we talked to was very friendly and helpful- the student who gave tour said he felt “at home” within a day. It’s my son’s top choice.