Campus Life

What kind of efforts are made to welcome freshmen into the community and to keep that community spirit alive through four years?

Is it easy to find kids truly interested in their studies, world affairs, etc, who are also down-to-Earth and like to have fun?

Any comments on campus life in general…

I am not student. I am a member of the community. From my point of view, there is a lot to do at UAlbany. Much of the campus does like to focus on partying. Even when my kids were very young, they noticed when “red cup season” started (i.e. September). However, since the school is large, there are also lots of other opportunities for many different types of people. The students I have talked to said that it is easiest to do this if you are in a smaller major. Large majors, such as Psychology and Business, don’t engender the same sort of community and school spirit, so you need to look at it elsewhere.