campus life

<p>a few weeks ago i toured the campus and thought it was absolutely beautiful. however all of the students were out for spring break so it was completely empty. any current students want to give some info about what its like and their experience?</p>

<p>im a little worried about the location. yes, it is located near SF, Berkeley, and walnut creek but it's sooo isolated.</p>

<p>Parent here: Your SMC i.d. card gets you free bus service. the BART bus has a stop on campus in front of the admin office. In 15 minutes you can be at the BART train station in Orinda or Lafayette. From there, you can get to San Francisco, Oakland airport, SFO, etc, etc. etc.</p>

<p>Quick follow up if I may. How many kids hang around on campus on the weekend? Is it deserted, or are there activities/fun stuff for those who hang around?</p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>Here is a partial list of the things my daughters have had the chance to participate in which are sponsored by res life or other campus agency:
"Top Chef" cookoffs
horseback riding
Winchester Mystery House Halloween tour
SF Walking Tour
trips to SF to see shows
Carnival for kids
Gardening in the Organic Garden on campus
Build your own Taco Night
Star Search
On campus theatre and dance productions</p>

<p>Up coming Gaelapalooza</p>

<p>This is just a partial list of the things they have signed up for over the year. In addition they play for the women's club soccer team and one is in the sports band.</p>

<p>Club soccer has been all over the bay area for matches but the biggie is that they are going to UCLA this month for a tourney.</p>

<p>Sports Band D has gone to Las Vegas, Providence RI and Houston TX on the NCAA's dime playing for the Gaels and being a part of March Madness. Irreplaceable!</p>

<p>In addition my girls do a lot of things with their friends. Movie nights, game nights, going out for ice cream etc. </p>

<p>Neither left home as much of a joiner, preferring to spend time with their sport, their family and their books but this year at SMC has been a wonderful social opportunity for them to spread their wings. It has been great!</p>

<p>kumitedad: Many kids do go home because so many of the students are from the Bay Area but in no way does the campus empty out. My DDs are usually there as are their friends and roommates. Nephew will be a Junior next year and he lives just across the bay but he rarely goes home. There is quite a bit of activity on weekends.</p>

<p>here are a couple of links to give you a general idea of the variety of campus activities.</p>

<p>Student</a> Organizations</p>

<p>Outdoor</a> Adventures</p>

<p>Keep in mind that student who leave campus on the weekends are often leaving to attend an SMC affiliated event and are with other SMC students</p>

<p>Just a questions that just came to me. How often do they show movies on campus? I remember that from my college days. Nice experience.</p>