Campus Question

<p>Are the north and south campuses physically separate to the point where you have to commute from one to the other? Or, is it just in the sense that one is the south side of campus and the other is the north.</p>

<p>It's basically all contiguous, you just walk from one to the physical divide</p>

<p>northwestern</a> university, evanston - Google Maps</p>

<p>The deeper gray along the lake is the campus (feel free to switch to satellite view once you understand what campus is- it's basically from where Sheridan turns East-West up to Lincoln Street, between the lake and Sheridan).</p>

<p>And for those who are attending larger or state universities, considering it a "divide" would be pretty laughable! Seriously, it's just a few blocks apart. It's just that there is a cluster of dorms / frats up north and a cluster of dorms / sororites down south. Tech classes tend to be up north, the library and student center are in the middle, the more liberal arts buildings as well as journalism, music and theater are towards the south.</p>

<p>Thanks, I was just wondering because I know Michigan has a south campus that is so separate from the main campus you need to ride the bus to get from one to the other.</p>

<p>it's all one campus but, like others said the dorms are at either end and so are most of the class buildings. middle campus contains the library, the student center, kellogg, and maybe one academic building, so no one really lives/goes to class in "mid campus"</p>

<p>michigan is MUCH MUCH bigger than northwestern, real estate-wise</p>