Campus Safety


My son is considering applying for IIT . We are OOS, just wondering how is the campus safety @ IIT?


I have been here for 34 years without incident and when I arrived, the neighborhood was not as nice as it is today. I had a son graduate from IIT living on campus and just off campus who had no problems either. Yes, it is an urban campus and one needs to be aware of that but there is generally no issue. If a student wants an escort, the campus safety office will come and do that at any time. Most buildings are locked after 5pm and there is ID card access only to authorized students so there is very little chance of intruders coming in at odd hours.

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask.

Thanks so much @xraymancs , it is very helpful information.

My daughter has been at IIT for three years. It’s as safe as any urban campus. She’s never had a problem. I worried at first–she was coming from a very very safe suburban neighborhood where she loved to take walks alone at night and isn’t naturally aware of her surroundings–but she’s done just fine.

I graduated from IIT 25 years ago and just came back to campus for a visit with my daughter who is considering applying. I could not believe the changes to campus, and for the better.

I agree with the above poster, it is as safe as any other campus. Most problems on any college campus are from the student population themselves.

@Jay1811 We are always happy to have a legacy! If there is anything I can answer, let me know or let your D know that she can contact me too. I can get her in touch with students who can give her their perspective.

25 years ago… It is possible that you took General Physics with me.

@xraymancs I graduated in 1993. My general physics professor was from Russia and did not speak English very well. He was pretty old then and I am sure he is retired by now.

My daughter was very excited and it is definitely one of her top 3 choices. She is planning to study computer science. She applied and was awarded the max Heald scholarship and will be planning on attending the scholarship weekend early next year. Thank you for the offer and I will definitely be in touch.

I guess it wasn’t me then…