campus set up- is everything "walkable" and does it have a campus feel?

<p>Rising senior daughter very interested in Northeastern for premed. I have only driven through Harvard square so I am VERY naiive about what the college campus (if there is one?) for Northeastern is like. Is there a real college feel to going there? Do most students live on campus? </p>

<p>Also, the website seems limiting in providing info re: biology major and it's programs- like internships? Can anyone shed a little light? </p>


<p>The campus definitely has a campus feel. More so than some of the other urban schools and other schools in Boston specifically. Everything is walkable. Freshmen live on campus. Housing is not guaranteed for all five years. The coop program is not for everyone. (I am definitely not trying to discourage student is an upperclassmen at NEU and has had nothing but positive experiences). She should do some research on the program and then go visit.<br>
If she is going premed, you may also want to consider finances more seriously. NEU does not meet 100 percent of need.</p>

<p>I think it definitely has much more of a campus feel than a lot of city schools I've seen. It's a pretty contained campus, and actually has some greenery and such. I don't know what the stats are for students living on/off campus, but I think the vast majority of freshman and sophomores live on. After that, the numbers go down. Housing isn't guaranteed for four years, but it can also be cheaper to live off and away from campus. I know seniors who live on campus, but I've lived off for the last three years, (middler, junior, senior) so it really just depends. I'd highly recommend a visit. I know absolutely nothing about biology coops but I think that people in the department could probably tell you a lot.</p>

<p>my daughter is going into her 2nd year at Northeastern as a health science major ( no actual " pre-med major there ) She absolutely loves it there ! She had a choice between a few other schools there in Boston and chose NEU for the co-op and yes, the campus feel there..
She lives in a dorm last yr. but will live in an apartment near campus this yr. I don't think internships are as common as actual co-ops in their field of study. And several hospitals are a very short distance to campus</p>