Campus Size - Is UVM walkable?

Can anyone tell me if the campus is what you’d call big and sprawling where you need a bus to take you from one side of campus to the other or can you roll out of bed and make it to class in about 10-15 minutes?

UVM is compact for a state flagship, there are only 13,000 students.

I’m not so interested in the size of the student body, but the size of the campus. Is it walkable or do you need to take shuttles to get from one side of campus to the other?

The campus is only 460 acres. (640 acres is a square mile.) From Billings Library to Archie Post Athletic Complex (the longest distance I could find on Google Maps) is 0.9 miles, which Google estimates at 18 minutes by foot.

It’s all walkable. Some of the housing might be a bit of schelp from the main campus in the winter, but nothing outrageous.

Completely walkable. And walkable to downtown Burlington. Lovely campus and town.

OP: You asked the wrong question.

The correct phrasing is: “Is UVM skiable ?”

Really appreciate your comments. I think we’re going to visit UVM this summer. My daughter is looking for a small liberal arts college, but UVM was recommended as a smaller public that she may like as I want to have a public school on her list. Everything that I’ve read about it sounds like it would be a good fit, except she really wanted to go to a school where she can walk everywhere and not have to rely on a campus shuttle. Thanks again!