Campus Tour in July

<p>Our family lives in Southern California and will be vacationing in Southern Maine for one week in July. We plan on spending one day in Boston touring college(s). Our daughter, a junior, is considering Northeastern. I note on the Northeastern website that the extended tour includes the International Village - is this where freshmen accepted into the Honors program live, or is it only for upperclassmen? If so, I think we will plan on booking this tour, but if it is only for upperclassmen, we may just do the basic tour so that we have time to possibly tour another university in the area that same day.</p>

<p>Yes, honors students live in the International Village.</p>

<p>Yes, freshmen Honor's students live in Intl Village. Upperclassmen Honor students live in West Village F.</p>

<p>Thanks, upstatemom. We'll plan on the extended tour then! </p>

<p>If time permits, we would lke to tour at least one other college in the Boston area. Our D has decent stats (4.0uw GPA, 4.7w, 33ACT), enough to where we think she <em>might</em> be a candidate for honors at Northeastern and possibly some merit aid. However, without some decent merit aid, Northeastern, or any other Boston area college, would likely fall out of the running. We would be full pay, and being California residents we have the UC schools as strong contenders at $30K/year. However, D REALLY wants to go to school in the Northeast -- we have vacationed there every summer since before she was born, and she loves it. Any suggestions of other Boston area colleges for which she might receive some merit aid? If so, we would try to tour those as well. She is interested in the biological sciences.</p>

<p>It sounds like, with those stats, she's well on her way to getting into the Honors program at Northeastern and with it merit aid, probably the Dean's</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the responses, and the vote of confidence from yahkeepinginstep regarding the possibility of some aid! Though we are hopeful in that regard, we know that nothing is guaranteed, and are making sure that D has options.</p>

<p>We're excited for our visit to Northeastern -- any suggestions on where to eat in the area? We do have some old standbys in the North End and Quincy Market area, but would love to sample something new and in the general area of the campus.</p>

<p>Don't pass up the chance to eat in their dining halls if they allow that. The IV hall has quite the selection, and great quality to boot.</p>

<p>People who go on the IV tour get like a cookie or something...</p>

<p>Pulling out the suitcases and getting ready to leave! Hoping some of the locals can weigh in on traffic issues. We will be staying in Southern Maine (Ogunquit) and would prefer to head down to Boston on Tuesday July 5th for the 10:30 Northeastern tour. Any ideas on the traffic, considering it is the day after the Fourth of July? I'm familiar with the drive during normal traffic and know it typically takes about 90 minutes, or a tad more. Would leaving Ogunquit around 7:45 allow enough time, including parking? Also, any suggestions on where to park?</p>

<p>The kids (my daughter's friend is also joining us for the week!) also want to tour Harvard (of course....). Harvard has a tour that starts around 2:00. Can we get from Northeastern to Harvard via the T? Would love to park the car in the morning and leave it for the whole day. </p>

<p>Thanks again to everyone for their help. We are excited for our trip -- keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!</p>

<p>The #1 bus is the fastest way from Harvard to NU, itll pick you up in Harvard Square and drop you right off at the corner of Mass Ave and Huntington Ave, usually less than 30 minutes.</p>

<p>I dont know if this is possible since your son/daughter has friends coming along, but when I toured I contacted the department head first and he showed me around and answered any questions I had. He gave me really good details about which professors were great with taking on undergrads for research and helped me pick classes for freshman year (i ap'ed out of a lot). They should be particularly responsive if you mention that you are hoping to be placed in the honors program and are coming from California.</p>

<p>Your daughter's stats were very similar to mine. I'd recommend applying Early Action. I got into honors (with a different major however) and a full dean's scholarship (20k a year).</p>

<p>For the woman driving, just keep in mind you'll be hitting morning traffic. It won't be too bad, since it's later in the morning. But at 8:30 I know the drive from NH to Boston (normally 30 to 40 minutes) can turn into over 2 hours. So if you are going to hit 93 at any time in the normal commuting range, plan for longer than you think.</p>

<p>If you don't want to take a bus to Harvard, you would take the green line (at Huntington) inbound to Park or the orange line (at Ruggles) to Downtown Crossing, and then transfer to the red line in the direction of Alewife until you get to Harvard. The bus can actually take a long time, especially during non-commuting hours, so it's up to you.</p>