Campus Visit

<p>I’m the parent of a HS senior. We visited Austin College today and I think D liked it. She’d never been to a small LAC before so I didn’t know how she would react. </p>

<p>It was just an impromptu, casual visit. We walked the whole campus and went in to any building that wasn’t locked. There wasn’t much going on, just football boys moving into the dorms.</p>

<p>She wants to go back for the Senior day they’re having on Labor day. Would appreciate getting to hear from another parent or student of AC.</p>


<p>There's a party going on inside my head. "YES. A post about Austin College!"</p>

<p>Anyway. I'm not a current AC parent or student. I'm actually just another high school senior applying this year. Does that count? :)</p>

<p>Notan...certainly you can reply. Why are you considering AC? What is the thing you like best about it?</p>

<p>Since we didn't get to meet or talk to anyone on our visit, I think D would say that it would be intimacy that she would expect from a small college, and of course the nice things she's read about it.</p>

<p>I initially found out about the college from one of my teachers, who recommended I look into it. Well, I did. What struck me first was that it was one a part of CTCL. Later, I got a handwritten note from my admissions counselor and I've kept up a correspondence with her. I'm just impressed with the intimacy. Like your daughter, that is one of the things I like about AC.
Haven't visited yet - even though the campus is less than 2 hours away I want to get all my college visits done at once. Trying to find the best time to do that. Today, though, I'm going to one of the CTCL college fairs in my area and AC is supposed to be represented there :)</p>

<p>What were the nice things your daughter read about AC? I haven't found much to read about outside their website. This is why I'm dying for a campus visit - I can't feel the personality of the campus yet.</p>

<p>AC is written up in the Fiske Guide 2011. Try to find a copy and read it all, but here are a couple of quotes: "AC is awesome because it's small and comfortable. The profressors are approachable and helpful". It is that kind of intimate writeup that I think D likes.</p>

<p>She is also interested in their 5 year program for teachers. They call it the Maater of Art in Teaching (MAT). And she is still considering medical school. Fiske says "When it comes time to apply to grad school, premed and predental students at this little college have one of the highest acceptance rate of any Texas school.</p>

<p>I visited Austin with my daughter in July. She was favorably impressed. Our tour guide Baylee did a great job and then hand wrote a follow-up note. My daughter loved the campus and all the fountains -- it felt like a welcoming place that she would be happy living in for four years. She is still undecided, and it will probably take a second visit to at least three schools after acceptances are in before she makes a decision, but AC is definitely in the running. The biggest hurdle is probably that my daughter's primary academic interest is not one of AC's strengths, but honestly I don't think that's going to be the deciding factor anyway.</p>