Campus Visits

<p>Just wondering what to expect when visiting MIT. I am coming this July!</p>


<p>RAINBOWS </p>

<p>UNICORNS </p>




<p>ICE CREAM </p>

<p>EYE SCREAM </p>




<p>MAZES </p>

<p>MAIZES </p>

<p>PHASES </p>

<p>LASERS </p>

<p>TRUCKS </p>


<p>AND AEROPLANES!!!!! </p>

<p>(p.s. sign up here! MIT</a> Info Session Calendar)</p>

<p>LOL!!! I am so excited!</p>

<p>If one is so determined to apply to and go to MIT, why would he/she need a campus visit? Chris might have a better answer. I actually heard of people who were accepted into many Ivies but decided to go to MIT. Not sure if they had campus visits or not.</p>

<p>Campus visits are the best way to fall in love with MIT. However, you can also get accepted and then just come to CPW.</p>

I AM determined to apply to and hopefully get into MIT. My grandparents and I are going to Boston and other areas on the East coast for a vacation and as we will be in the area, we are going on a tour. Why waste gas later when we will be there now?</p>

<p>Wow, I must've had a very lame campus visit last year. Where were the unicorns and the elephants when I was there :/?</p>

<p>This might've been asked before, but - is it worth coming over during summer? I'm an international student, and I have summer holidays in school from July 15th to September 20th.</p>

<p>^^You have to search hard for those two. They're only for the most determined people to have fun on campus, hahaha.</p>

<p>I love the campus and am very fortunate to live so close that I can visit and do stuff there when I want (HSSP!!!)</p>

If one is so determined to apply to and go to MIT, why would he/she need a campus visit?

To me MIT is a very unique place ... and I would think the vast majority of visitors will have a pretty strong reaction (pro or con) ... before accepting an offer from MIT I would definately recommend a student visit the campus first (and I would definately recommend during session to get a feel for the MIT students).</p>