can 1400s work for ivy

If someones SAT score is 1400-1450, do they have a chance at the ivy’s provided they have great EC/recs/essay/gpa/course load?

<p>Of course! I think 1400s are perfectly competitive in Ivy pools.</p>

<p>half of the students at Ivies have 1450 and less, maybe even more than half at the "lower" ivies. And there can't be that many urms/legacies/athletes, so don't worry. if you have GREAT everything else, then you should get into several ivies, even with not perfect sat's</p>

<p>1400 is about average for Ivies</p>

<p>thats what i think but then i look at who got admitted and most are people with 1500+ and i never ever see someone with lower... </p>

<p>thanks you guys</p>

<p>look at the avg. scores they give out...clearly not quite a 1500 breakdown</p>