Can a 2400 get in?

<p>Asian male (Chinese) from San Antonio, Texas here. Applying ED.</p>

<p>Interested in Computer Science/Engineering</p>

Biology Pre-AP
Comp Sci Pre-AP
English I G/T Pre-AP
Geometry G/T Pre-AP
Health (semester)
PE (semester)
Japanese I
World Geo. Pre-AP (5, even though it was a Pre-AP class)</p>

<p>*10th<a href="schedule%20changed%20from%208%20pd.%20AB%20block%20to%207%20pd.%20every%20day">/i</a>
Advertising and Sales (semester)
PE (semester)
Algebra II G/T Pre-AP
Chemistry Pre-AP
Computer Science AP (5)
English II G/T Pre-AP
Japanese II Pre-AP
World History AP (5)</p>

Chemistry AP (5)
English III G/T AP (5)
Japanese III Pre-AP
Physics AP B (5)
Precalculus Pre-AP
Statistics AP (5)
US History AP (4)</p>

Biology AP
Calculus BC AP
English IV G/T AP
Japanese AP
Physics AP C
Psychology AP (1st semester)
Macroeconomics AP (1st semester)
US Government AP (2nd semester)
PE (2nd semester)</p>

<p>All As; un-weighted GPA of 97.772; weighted GPA of 114.051 (both up to junior year)</p>

<p>Class Rank
5/715 as of last year; expected to go up or remain the same</p>

1st time: 710/770/730 (CR/M/W)
2nd time: 800/800/800</p>

<p>Subject Tests
Math 2 & Chemistry, both 800.</p>

<p>ECs and Awards:
UIL Academics 10th-12th
Placed at regional level for Calculator Applications, Computer Science and Mathematics (had to qualify for each team separately).
Various awards at invitational, district and regional level for Calc. App, Comp. Sci, Math and Science.</p>

<p>Math Club (tutoring club) 10th-12th</p>

<p>Mu Alpha Theta Founding President 12th</p>

<p>Junior Class Officer (Webmaster) 11th
Actually planned prom more than I managed the website. Prom was pretty fun, though.</p>

<p>NHS Treasurer, Webmaster and co-Publicity Officer 12th</p>

<p>Church Webmaster 9th-12th</p>

<p>Summer internship at ST Aerospace San Antonio in IT (summer after 10th grade)
Migrated the access control system from WinPAK to Keri Doors and had to integrate that with the payroll system (SAP).</p>

<p>Piano & Violin 5th-12th
A few awards; played at many recitals. "National" classification with Superior ranking at the Guild auditions, but that's not that major.</p>

<p>National Merit Semifinalist (PSAT: 237)</p>

<p>National AP Scholar</p>

<p>Oracle Certified Professional Java 6 SE Programmer & Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist</p>

<p>Performed bioinformatics (which is kinda Computer Science+Biology+Statistics) research (summer after 11th grade)
Co-authored paper on a novel gene motif discovery algorithm that was accepted by a major bioinformatics conference and will be published early next year.</p>

Here's where I think I fall short... I help out a bunch out people at my school--mostly teachers--but I never thought getting "paid" in hours was morally right, so I always recorded the bare minimum to stay in NHS. I stayed after school for 1-2 hours every day last year, helping one teacher out with various tasks, so I guess that counts for something.</p>

<p>Letters of Recommendation
Teacher A (my UIL coach, Stats teacher, and the one I helped out so often) loves me, so her letter will probably be pretty great.
Teacher B (my English teacher) also likes me, but she seems less predictable.
Counselor loves me because of my SAT score, which brought lots of local publicity to the school.</p>

<p>Sorry for the long post, but I'm really anxious about this whole process. Also, will the fact that I didn't really get involved in 9th grade hurt me much? I was kind of oblivious to the whole thing until I got to classes with juniors and seniors, who were a lot more informed than my parents.</p>

<p>Your resume is very strong. Definitely Stanford/Ivy league caliber. Just make sure you know that Stanford has a very random (for the lack of a better word) admissions process (a person with a 2400 SAT 36 ACT and a bunch of EC;s gets rejected, a kid with a 3.5 GPA 31 ACT could get in at the same time). You obviously have a strong list of extracurriculars and academics, as long as you can make yourself stand out with your essays then you will have a great shot at getting in.</p>

<p>some11no, speaking as a member of Stanford's 2400 club, I can say that there are plenty of us here, but also that it wasn't mainly our scores that got us admitted. Many students with great scores/stats also have other attributes that help them stand out. Stanford admissions is multi-factorial, rather than "random", though it can feel pretty random, I'm sure, to some people who don't get admitted. I think at most of the top schools, stellar scores are a plus, but not sufficient, and they also shouldn't come at the expense of involvement in other pursuits. (I.e., lots of re-takes of SATs vs. developing talents, serving the community, leadership, etc.) Good luck.</p>