Can a bad SAT II offset admissions?

<p>Lets say someone has a good resume SAT I scores gpa and stuff but got a 560 on an SAT II test....can the bad SAT II grade make admissions officers reconsider admissions?</p>

<p>lets say a top college requires One SATII score...if someone gets a 560 is this bad?...</p>

<p>A 560 is pretty bad, it may not get you an immediate boot, but you don't want to give an admissions officer grounds to reject you. It's sort of an eyesore, especially at top universities.</p>

<p>so what should i do?...i have been studying US HISTORY in school and at home for a while now and took practice tests and got from 620-670....
i bought a collegeboard SAT II US history book and took the 2 practice test and got 570-590....
should i just not take the SAT II????</p>

<p>PLEASE HELP!!!</p>

<p>If your applying to colleges that require it you have no chance. I've never heard of a college only wanting 1, and if I only took one I think it's best to stick with math or lit.</p>

<p>Just keep practicing, but remember that there are many other SAT II's out there that you can try.</p>

<p>And It definitely draws attention to the rigour of your high school curriculum, and issues of grade inflation. If you've been getting A's in Honors history or AP History at school, but can't pass the 600 mark in SAT IIs...well it suggests that your high school is really uncompetitive, does not prepare you well, and devalues your gpa.</p>

<p>If you can't get your score higher, try some other tests.</p>

<p>I got a 720 on the US History test and a 480 on the Literature. I got into UC Irvine with that. Granted, Irvine isn't a top school, but it's a pretty good school.</p>

<p>A low SATII on any subject with a robust grade in the school report card will be a no-no to any good college.
So avoid taking the SATII if you are not sure to pull a > 650 on that.
That is what my child counslar told us.
We wanted that out child take the SATII for spanish after the level III spanish to avoid taking a IVth year. But the counslar told us that if the child gets a bad SATII on Spanish then it will be worse than just not taking the Spanish IV at all.</p>

<p>what would happen if you took, say, U.S. history, and got a not-so-great score, but got a 4/5 on the AP Exam. That can't really mean grade inflation--you still did well on the AP. So then what?</p>

<p>I know some colleges don't take AP Scores into consideration when reviewing applications. But, the US History SAT II is really easy. I got a 4 on the AP US exam and a 720 on the SAT II. If you study for the AP you'll do fine on the SAT II. It's really not that hard and is a lot more broad than the AP so they dont ask for the finer details like they do on the AP.</p>

<p>This is exactly the boat I fell into. I needed two SAT IIs for pretty much all of my colleges. I knew I could take Math Level II. My college counselor told me to avoid the Japanese. I thought about self studying for the US History, but that didn't happen. A couple of my schools said I could take the ACT instead of SAT and SAT IIs, but I didn't follow that advice, and just took the Math and Japanese SAT IIs. After getting a 590 on the Japanese SAT II, I didn't get denied at every school I applied to. In fact, I got into 7 of the 10 schools I applied to. Maybe if I had gotten a better score or taken the ACT instead, I could've gotten into the other 3 schools, but oh well. I did just fine in the college admissions process even without a great Japanese SAT II score.</p>

<p>what about if you were unseriious about school freshman year and got a 600 on bio? does this year you took something mean anything?</p>

<p>dont take literature to make up for it.
retake it or some other test. they only take your 2/3 highest scores.</p>