Can a CC transfer with an undergrad degree from a state school get into an Ivy League for grad school?

What are the chances of getting in? Would they be at a disadvantage when compared to applicants who have spent all four years at a State school?

I know several students who transferred to a state school from a CC and then went to an Ivy League grad school.


Yes. Example:

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More importantly, in most cases, choosing a grad program is not about picking an institution, but picking an advisor. The best advisors for your area of research interest(s) might not be at Ivy League schools.


Are you interested in a PhD or a professional degree e.g. MBA?


Impossible to give odds w/o more information! Even within a university there are big differences, depending on the school: Yale Law, under 5% vs Yale Engineering , ~10%.

Graduate school is so much more about your fit for their program than undergrad.


A professional degree


Fun fact: an Ivy may not be the top of the top for a professional grad degree. For example, of the Top 10 MBA programs, 5 are not Ivies. Of the Top 10 Law programs, 6 are not Ivies.

But if your real question is, β€˜can I get from a CC to a top-tier grad school?’ the answer is unequivocally yes. Depending on you, and the field, it is likely that you will be working between undergrad and grad, and that is where you will seriously differentiate yourself.


Thanks for clarifying that you are interested in pursuing a professional degree. For those you are usually paying for out of pocket compared to research focused masters, but there is some money for scholarships and grants. My friend did a professional masters at Harvard and they actually followed up with her when she was already in the program taking classes and let her know they were actually increasing her funds and removing her need to take out additional loans.

You may want to work for a year or two before grad school depending on what you are pursuing. Having work experience helps with many masters programs - it gives you something to write about and gives context to case studies. It was painful at times watching classmates right out of undergrad trying to do some of the coursework and discussions.