Can a commuting friend spent the night for early classes?

I have a friend that commutes 45 minutes to get to campus. She has classes in the morning on Monday and Wednesday so I wanted to offer to let her stay those nights under my lofted bed so she won’t have to wake up ridiculously early to make it to class. My roommate says she’s fine with it but is this technically allowed?

This is kind and generous of you. I doubt that you are allowed by the college to have a guest stay over every Sunday and Tuesday night, plus it’s a serious imposition upon your roommate, who may not feel comfortable saying “No” to you. If you had a single, then it would be between you and the college. If it were a one time thing, sure, asking your roommate and having someone sleep over for a night or two would be fine. But asking your roommate to share the room with an extra person 2/7ths of the nights of the semester is not appropriate. Maybe you could find a mutual friend who has a single? Then it would simply be between that friend and the school, and wouldn’t be an imposition upon your roommate.


Ask at your college. Some schools don’t allow overnight visitors with Covid being around. You may find this is the case. Some don’t allow overnight visits exceeding more than a couple of nights in duration.

Basically…most schools don’t want students to provide free board to students who have elected not to live in the dorm.

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You need to check the guest policies at your particular college. It is quite possible that such a regular guest situation is not allowed.

Also be sure that as the semester goes on your roommate does not start to resent the arrangement.

Also be sure to take into account any Covid restrictions in the dorm.

I checked my university’s guest policy and it says a guest can’t stay over more than 2 nights a week but I agree, I don’t want to impose it upon my roommate often. I’ll probably offer when she has tests in the morning. Thank you for your input!


Only offer AFTER you get approval from your roommate.

What’s “ridiculously early?”

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Also tell your roommate if at any point it becomes an issue, to let you know and you will tell your friend to stop coming. And tell you friend that at any point your roommate is not okay with it, then this arrangement will have to end…but your roommates favorite snack is .

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Don’t assume you can offer your friend to stay over anytime he/she has exams in the morning – that may also be a period when you and your roommate have exams (ex. midterm week) and having an overnight guest could be most disruptive. I’d do it on a case by case basis and see how things go.

Probably allowed so long as you are not listing your room on AirBNB.

Remember…if you allow your friend to come…at some point, your roommate may want to do the same. And it might not be a convenient time to do so. What will you do since you are setting the precedent of having an overnight guest who has chosen to commute?