Can A "D" in a semester in Algebra 2 revoke me from a CSU?

I got a “D” in my first semester in Algebra 2 class but finished with a “C” second semester. This is my only D I’ve ever gotten and I was wondering If I’m still eligible in applying to a CSU. I heard If you take a higher class than the one you got a “D” or lower in, by passing with a “C” or higher, It will make up that grade. I’m currently a junior heading into my senior year

I’m planning on taking trigonometry next year.

A D will not keep you from applying to the CSU’s but if you do not retake the 1st semester, the D will be included in your CSU GPA calculation and could impact your chances at several CSU’s. Your C 2nd semester validates the D so you have completed the requirement.