Can a evaluator use a COMPUTER to complete a evaluation(MIT/CIT)?


Unlike a common application’s evaluation form, some school’s evaluation forms can NOT be typed, specifically MIT and caltech.

My counselor and teachers want to do it in computer and i can not provide them any clear cut answer. it’s not good T_T
is there a simple-clean way to do this on computer??

Surely handwriting is primitive!

<p>Print out the sheet on the computer, and write "see attached" under the questions.</p>

<p>box and other stuffs wouldnt be done that way..
also that's somewhat a tedious job(for teachers :-)
is there anykinda program that users can type into any place in PDF file?</p>


<p>yes, but you'd need Adobe Acrobat Prof, its only a mere $500... of couse you don't nesscarily have to actually <em>buy</em> it :-P but its a very complicated program and I doubt your teachers are going to be willing to fiddle with it.<br>
If the teachers want to right you a recommendation, they should be willing to write it/type it.</p>

<p>EDIT: theres also some other software that should do it, but once again fiddling...</p>

<p>hey thanks.</p>

<p>instead of buying $500 SW, can teachers use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional tryout?? it's free 30-day tryout program that can be downloaded from
(or... does a tryout version make big "TRY-OUT" marks on every page??)</p>


<p>yes, it will put the try-out thing on the page, and its about a 150mb download, and its rather complicated to just put text on a line... I wouldn't recommended it!</p>

<p>JUST HAVE THE TEACHER WRITE IT IN!! or type on the computer and print it off, or type it on the computer and cut it out and paste it on the printed form.</p>