Can a school administration request too much participation of a student?

My daughter is promising academically and has been asked to help her private secondary school’s board of directors by joining their Strategic Planning Committee. Only done every 5 years, she’s one of 2 students asked. We are concerned that this is something that will take up enough time that it will hurt her academically. They told her that her teachers will be told to cut her some slack if/when necessary, so that she can help the school with this.<br>
She is someone the teachers generally love, in lower school she was paired with the child learning english because her vocab skills enabled her to help the child learn english. (A commitment which was a positive thing.) When they paired 5th graders with K’s, she was paired with the unruly hard to manage child and was told (by the teacher) sorry, but we thought you could handle him … let us know if you want to change partners. Of course she didn’t object, but her day was less enjoyable than the other kids’.
Now, of course the teachers all say this is a big privilege, but I have seen teachers use her selfishly in the past and this time she is trying to keep her excellent grades for college admission -she’ll be a junior.

Anyone know if this kind of appointment is worth the apparent time and effort commitment? So far, she’s been given a reading list and videos to watch about education.

Honestly, if I got an opportunity like that, I would take it without hesitation. That’s an amazing EC and will give her the exposure and experience that will put her app ahead of the others in the admissions process. After a while, she will learn to make the time for academics.