can a weakness in one SAT score be made up by a good ACT score in the same area?

<p>I did quite poorly for SAT math (I retook it twice and only got 660-670), but I took the ACTs, performed even worse for the science section (a 27), but I did well for most of the other sections. However, I did decently for the math section of the ACT, scoring a 33. The question is, if AdComs see my file, would they consider both tests, or just one (if only one was required) -- and while I don't expect them to superscore across tests, can a 33 in Math (which is not too stellar, I realise, but falls within my desired schools' ranges) make up for a 670? Just as some schools still do not give great weight to the writing section of the SAT, would some excuse the poor science section of the ACT?</p>

<p>Most schools only use the composite for the ACT, so that would be compared with the SAT's.</p>

<p>That being said, I have wondered the same thing myself. My d is in a very similar situation, although with different sections....</p>

<p>We were advised to send everything for this exact reason....Every admissions office is different, to answer your question, it is possible that your math ACT will catch their eye, but at the same time, if you are planning on a science/math career, so might your science ACT.....It depends on where you are applying, what your intended major is and, frankly, what your transcript looks like as well....How have you done in your science classes in school? What is the level of math you have completed? Those questions are more important than the individual scores on ACT/SAT, but will be compared......</p>

<p>I plan to go into both linguistics and (bio)engineering (they are more related than one might think!).</p>

<p>If I have a 5 for AP Calc AB, have completed a Calculus B course at a local university and will receive an A (where the class average is a 58 on the college-level scale!) and will begin taking Calc C and an introductory engineering course a few weeks from now, can that make up for an SAT 670? No one else in my school has completed their second year of calculus yet.</p>

<p>MIT is my first choice, but I have pessimistic hopes, so right now I hope to get into Georgetown.</p>