Can an Architecture Engineer do the work of a Civil/Structural Engineer?


<li><p>I didn’t say my dad didn’t recognize the name of the school. He is just not familiar with any of the faculty listed on the link you provided. </p></li>
<li><p>Please reread post #18 by cellardweller - he explains things well. I don’t know how to rephrase it to make you understand.</p></li>
<li><p>Regarding salary, please see my reply in post #17. I can’t tell you the average salary. I guess you could do some research on the internet, but I don’t know how much the info will help you. The stress level and the amount you move around will depend on the specific job - I don’t know what to tell you.</p></li>

<p>I think we’ve helped you all that we can. Good luck!</p>



<p>The short answer is no. Look at the curriculum.</p>

<p>Structural engineering is here:

<p>For whathever reason, Archictecture was lumped in under Engineering at the University of Cairo, but it is not an engineering degree as it is understood in the US or Europe. It is an ARCHITECTURE degree. Very different!</p>