Can and How do you Double Major at Baruch?

I am very interested in Baruch College, I’m a junior in a Texas High School and the low out of state tuition got my attention then seeing that it has both the Marketing and Acting Programs I’ve always dreamed of makes it extremely tempting for me. I checked their website about Double Majoring (Marketing and Theatre/Performing Arts), but I could only find that it mentioned Double Majoring in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Am I able to Double Major at Baruch in those two majors, and if so how do I do so? I saw on their website you had to “Declare a Major”? What is that about?

I would really appreciate it if these questions can be answered because I am starting to love this school and don’t want to blindly walk into something without any knowledge on if it even is for me. Thanks so much!

Hi, I’m a current Junior at Baruch - so I hope this helps!
To my knowledge, Baruch doesn’t let you double major if you are in the Zicklin School of Business (Marketing is included in this). I know for certain that you cannot do two business majors, but I am not 100% sure if they stop you from pairing Marketing with a major from the Weissman School. I don’t think they will let you - as the two are considered separate entities. The schools within Baruch (Zicklin, Weissman, and Marxe) are a little confusing as the college treats them like they are totally separate (which is very different from other colleges). Like once you start school, you actually have to get a certain combined grade point average in the prerequisite business classes (which are not genEds) just to be admitted into Zicklin. It is hard to jump around and take classes from both because the schools each have their own specific additional requirements on top of the core curriculum - so Baruch intentionally makes it so that you can’t double major if you are a business student.
In other words, I’m 99% sure you can’t do a double major if you are doing Marketing (since it’s considered a Zicklin major), but you should definitely give the office at Baruch a call just to confirm.