can answer some questions for you, junior

<p>Hi~i am a international student. i am accepted to the college of business~i feel so happy!!!Well. I decide to study accountancy . so can anybody tell me how hard to find a job after graduation as an international student?</p>

<p>Also, about the housing. i am thinking about ISR and Busey-evans. (i am not a party girl!!!) i know it is hard to get in these residential halls. but how hard? what can i do to increase my chance?</p>

<p>congratulations to all admitted!!!</p>

<p>You take computer science right? What exactly is the difference between computer science and computer engineering? How hard is computer science and is it feasible to take a few extra classes outside your major and possibly even minor in something?</p>

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<p>Didn’t see this. Ah well. Early bird gets the worm I suppose.</p>

<p>CE is more hardware related, while CS is more of theory + software. However, CE majors can take CS classes as electives (some are required)</p>

<p>The enrollment of undergrad CS major actually increased this past year. It got to the point where classes were too full. The average act was a 31 for cs majors (i think) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it harder to get in.</p>

<p>what is the typical class size (how many students in one class) for cs major? what kind of work do cs major undergrads do in summer? do they find intern work easily in summer or they just go home? Are cs courses hard?

<p>How true are these rumors?</p>

<li>How big is the greek scene? If you’re not in a frat/sorority, will you be socially handicapped?</li>
<li>The student population is diverse, but the minorities stick to themselves.</li>

<p>papertiger: i’m not a cs major, but i can tell you that your first and second year classes will be huge lectures. these courses are you basic ones like math, chem, and physics. you’ll usually be in the class with other engineers and science majors. once you move past those classes and into you junior and senior year, you’ll be taking major-specific courses. and i would imagine the class sizes getting much smaller.</p>

<p>dustinthewind: greek life is huge - its the biggest in the nation. and i believe that a fifth to a quarter of the student population is involved with greek life. its not to say that greek life is bad (i’m involved in a fraternity), its just that greek life appeals to different people. choosing not to join greek life isn’t detrimental to your social life. you’ll still make friends and go out on the weekends. greek life is NOT required for a social life.</p>

<p>to your second question, yes. its a generalization, but for the most part minorities usually stick together. but then again, i know a lot of people here from the chicago suburbs who only hang out with their high school friends. just be nice to everyone and you’ll make friends with all kinds of people. its really up to you to go out and meet different people. those who just stick to themselves are just being lazy.</p>

<p>Chemesrule, can you give some insight on the wait list?</p>

<p>dustinthewind…yes the minorities defitinley stick to themselves. Asians stick with Asians. Koreans stick with Koreans. so on. now there are some that branch out but for the most part it’s defitinley not groups mixing together. and Greek life is number one in the nation. it’s absolutely huge and. great way to meet people. just give it a try and if u don’t like it u don’t have to join but it’s a great experience</p>

<p>how hard is to transfer from electrical engg. to computer science, As i got into alternate major Electrical engg. I had applied to computer science. Dissapointed that i didnt get in cs but happy that i got into UIUC</p>

<p>Thank you for answering these questions indianman19.
I just find it really cool (and a bit creepy on my part) to go through indianman19’s past post. When he was in our shoes. In 4 years though, his grammar online isn’t much better (joking).</p>

<p>thanks chemesrule and illinifan200583, you guys are really helpful!</p>

<p>how true are these other generalizations i hear?</p>

<li>UIUC pours money into its engineering department and neglects the other majors</li>
<li>Engineering is really cutthroat and people will do unscrupulous things to throttle the curve</li>
<li>Professors are too engrossed in their own research to care about their students</li>
<li>Large lectures are run by TAs who barely speak english</li>

<p>I can speak for a few of these:</p>

<p>-Walking through the buildings on the Engineering Quad, you will see state of the art buildings and equipment. Same goes for many of the business buildings. I will say that the university definitely uses a lot of its money for engineering and business, and other departments are left out, but it is not too bad of a problem. </p>

<p>-I’m only a freshman, but almost all of my professors are very open and want their students to come during office hours or ask questions before/after class. My professors have always been very quick in email responses and I feel they genuinely care.</p>

<p>-Large lectures are NOT taught by TAs. Professors are the only ones that lecture in big lecture halls, and TA lead small group discussion sections. For example, in my calculus class last semester, i went to lecture 3 days a week (taught by professor in about a 300 student lecture hall) and 2 days a week I went to my discussion section (normal sized classroom of ~20 students where we worked on problems that was led by a TA).</p>

<p>thanks for the insightful comments aklauss. its hard to find student perspectives on uiuc for some reason. i’ve yet to hear back from my other colleges but uiuc is my 2nd or 3rd choice school depending on how much financial aid i can get, and i think i’ll be very happy spending four years there.</p>

<p>Yea I agree. Last year when I was in your shoes it was tough to find answers to the questions I had. UIUC does not give a lot of financial aid at all. I’m very happy with my choice to go here. It’s challenging but a lot of fun! Good luck with your decision.</p>

<p>"Large lectures are run by TAs who barely speak english "</p>

<p>I can confirm this is false at least for all of my classes (CS/Math/geneds). So far all of my TAs were excellent in lab/discussion. I’ve never had any problem with my TA’s English.</p>

<p>**PS there is a UIUC reddit link for those who don’t know
[The</a> University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign](<a href=“]The”></p>

<p>great to hear radiums, that was something that really worried me! i saw several comments by uiuc students who said foreign professors get foreign tas and end up with incomprehensible lectures. i got in for CS, so hopefully my experience will be similar to yours.</p>

<p>whoever asked about the waitlist: there was another post floating around here that addressed the percentage that get off the waitlist. its dependent on the college, and unfortunately i was never in that position. good luck though!</p>

<p>and whether or not uiuc just dumps money in to engineering and business, its partially true as they do have the newest buildings and such. but you have to understand that most of las is centered around the main quad, and that itself is historic and pretty difficult to renovate. i’d be willing to say that uiuc is putting in just as much money into other departments as engineering and business. lincoln hall and flb renovation just to name a couple. also, since i’m a chemist, the chemistry facilities here are world-class. most of the stuff is located in noyes lab, which itself is a historic landmark and over 100 years old. but nevertheless, the labs are nicely furnished (with the exception of gen chem labs. organic chem labs are very nice) and the research labs are top-notch (i think uiuc is second behind harvard as far as funding goes for chemistry. source: crc). </p>

<p>uiuc has been trying to positions itself as more of an engineering powerhouse (which by all means it is). but i wouldn’t go so far as to say that the other departments are neglected.</p>

<p>chemesrule, do you know which college has the highest percentage of people who get off the waitlist?</p>

<p>i do not know the facts for that, sorry.</p>