can answer some questions for you, junior

<p>im currently a junior at uiuc, id love to help u guys out if u have any questions.</p>

<p>How hard is it to transfer into the school of business?</p>

<p>thats actually the hardest school to transfer into, doesnt make sense since engineering is more prestigous.</p>

<p>for business u need a 3.5 usually 3.75 + after freshmen year to get into it.</p>

<p>for engineering its usually 3.0 or usually 3.25 to transfer</p>

<p>the big thing is once ur in business its not to hard to stay in, and engineering they weed out with their tuff classes</p>

<p>Ya I’m gonna try to transfer into business. I’ll work my hardest and well see if it pays off. I can do it! I know I can!</p>

<p>I’ll join clubs and other activities to help me get in.</p>

<p>ya good luck with it.</p>

<p>You don’t think I’ll get in. Understandable. But when I do I’ll let you know.</p>

<p>Do you know how many freshmen enrolled in computer science major each year? and how many graduate in CS major each year?

<p>i never said anything like that, i dont know u. all i wanted to do is wish u well and hope u do get in. but as a person who came here as a cs major and wanted to go into business and failed i wanted to let u know its hard. but im sure u will be fine.</p>


<p>that information should be available on the uiuc website. i came in as a cs major my first class had 400 freshmen in it. all cs majors im not sure how many actually graduate. but its a very good school for it, and the building for it is one of the nicest buildings on campus</p>

<p>I know it’s really hard. I have 2 older brothers that go to UIUC right now. And one of them is trying to transfer into business and he tells me how hard it is. But I’ll try and if I don’t get in I’ll try transferring into LAS and major in Economics do you know if it’s hard to transfer into that? And thanks for your advice.</p>

<p>transfering into econ its easy,</p>

<p>im in it. u need a 2.5 to get into it. alot of students who dont get into business pursue that field</p>

Thanks for the reply. 400 freshmen seems a lot. Do you know if most of CS graduates get jobs upon graduation?</p>

<p>Haha yes I know. Ya thats my plan. If I don’t get into business then economics it is. Is the job out look for economics major from UIUC high?</p>

<p>i can tell u, it is one of the best programs in the country which u know</p>

<p>and the oncampus recruiting is amazing almost every silicon valley company comes to campus to get the cs major, so if u do well. u can get jobs with yahoo google facebook microsoft and alot of big companies.</p>


<p>sort of, if u do well ofcourse it is, the big 4 audit firms come, alot of consulting, and banks come to. </p>

<p>but the major is pretty easy alot of people double major</p>

<p>Because I heard if you have a good gpa and stuff you get better jobs and stuff. My brother has two Friends at UIUC and both have 2.9 gpa and got very good jobs right out of college.</p>

<p>uiuc is the biggest school in illinois and the best after Northwestern and U of C, if u take the initiative finding a job is not to hard. especially since we have 2-3 massive career fairs per semester where over 100 companies come</p>

<p>Ya that’s awesome. Thanks for you advice. Can’t wait till next year!</p>

<p>im getting off please dont post anymore questions i wont respond</p>