Can anybody chance me for Barnard?

Hi everybody. I know these questions are pretty common, but I’m getting a lot of conflicting information from different sources. I’m in love with Barnard, and I’ve already gotten into a fantastic target school so I’m comfortable putting all my emotional eggs in the Barnard basket until decision day in March 2021. Any info would be great.

ED: No, due to financial instability. Wrote a supplemental explaining that I could not commit unconditionally at the time, but committing to going if I got in RD.
SAT: 1450, 760 on evidence-based reading & writing, 8/8 essay writing, 6/6 reading and analysis
GPA (weighted): 3.9 (my school weights low, my unweighted is a 3.7)
Race: Hispanic (first-generation)
4+1 engineering program applicant.
At least 1/2 very good recommendations; I go to school at a pretty prestigious New Jersey private school.

Senior year curriculum: AP environmental science, AP computer science (all A+s so far), Honors Spanish V, Honors Identity in American Literature, Honors Global Poetry, Honors Calculus, Capstone program, Animatronics, Advanced choir (taking college physics and Java over the summer at Johns Hopkins).

Major awards: scored top 25 (not percentile, place) of 12th graders in the country in the 2021 K-12 chess championships, skipped sixth grade, 7 regional and national medals (4 of them gold) for rowing, Douglas Searle Poetry Prize, awarded by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth for being “one of the world’s brightest students”, certificate from University of Pennsylvania for my study in entrepreneurship in relation to race.

Leadership: Hispanic / Latinx affinity group founding co-president 2019-2020, school chess team founding captain, chess club founder and president, 2 year creative writing club president, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards student body president 2019, first varsity coxswain and team captain for a nationally recognized rowing team (will be rowing D1. I’m good enough to be recruited to Cal - Berkeley, Ohio State, Washington, etc.), clerk of Physical Education Ad Hoc Committee, 4 year member of the school’s Diversity Committee and Agenda Committee, member of Alice Paul Institute’s Girls Leadership Council and founding member of their social action / voter incentive committee.

ECs: published author at 16 years old, Jewish Culture Club, Video Game Club, first soprano for nationally recognized A Cappella (as a founding member) and choir program, rowing 4 seasons a year.

Volunteer experience: 7 months intern experience with Andy Kim’s Congressional Campaign, I lead and organize a yearly toy drive for unaccompanied minors in Arizona during the holiday season (have done this 7 years in a row), worked as a math and science tutor at Kumon for a year.

Again, any info from parents, denied/deferred students, or Barnard acceptances and attendees would be amazing. Thank you!


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I agree, I think you have a fair chance at Barnard.

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You seem like a good fit and have a better than 50% chance.

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out of curiosity, what do you consider a fair chance? Thank you for your feedback :smile:

like you’re a competitive candidate and have a good academic and extracurricular profile, but then again. i don’t work at barnard or am an admission officer and i don’t know what your actual chances are, so i’m just giving my personal opinion. hope this helps! feel free to reach out if you want to talk or have any questions. i wish you the best of luck with barnard!

Thank you! I actually ED’d to brown lol I just checked out your profile. Small world. Hope you get in!!!

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nice!! thank you so much :))

Are you trying to do rowing for Columbia?

Yes. I’d walk on but I’d definitely row for Columbia.

out of curiosity why do you ask?

I was wondering if you had emailed any of the coaches about walking on. In some sports, they can slightly help you with admissions. The coxswain is also such a specific/limited role, you should make sure that they need a walk-on or if they already recruited someone else for your year.

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Okay. Got it. I’ve spoken to the coaches, yes. They have space for a few coxswains.

Also, do you have any insight to my fare in Barnard admissions? I’m not sure if this helped you with my applicant profile but I hope it did.