Can anybody tell me my chances???NYU,BC,BU,Wakeforest, Casewestern

<p>Hi, I am a Chinese and immigranted to california 3 years ago.</p>

<p>My SAT is 1830, and i am going to retake it on Dec
SAT2 math2c,750, chemistry,730, chinese,800
I retook math on Nov, and I think I can get 800</p>

<p>GPA, 3.57UW,3.88W(UC gpa is 3.59,3.93)</p>

<p>5 aps
ap stat 4
ap cal ab 5
ap chem 4
ap cal bc (senior)
ap physics c(senior)
ap comp(only half semester,got a B,I dropped sec semester junior year)</p>

<p>my essays are ok, although I dont think it is very unique, but I am sure its above average. many people edited for me.</p>

<p>teachers, counselor recs are super good, and also I got a rec from my Huntington Library(I volunteer there for 3 years)</p>

1.huntington library 10-12
2.chinese club co-founder,sectary 10-12
3.FBLA members 11-12
4.key club member 11-12
5.physics club 12
6.chem club 12
7.peer tutor 10-12
8.tea kon do (blue-red)

<p>my school is Arcadia High School, I think is pretty competitive</p>

<p>School I applied(all math major, some are econ)</p>

casewester EA
georgia tech
Wisconsin madison
ohio state -Columbus
UCR(backup,safety,dont want to go) </p>

<p>please be specific about the chance of each school</p>

<p>thanks everyone</p>

<p>No one?~!~!?sad</p>

<p>NYU CAS ED Reach
casewester EA low reach
BC low reach
BU match
georgia tech high match
wakeforest low match
brandis high match
Wisconsin madison low reach
UW-seattle low reach
ohio state -Columbus high match
UCLA reach
UCSD low reach
UCSB high match
UCI high match
UCD low match
UCSC safety
UCR safety</p>

<p>Hi, EDcornell2013,thank u, and Low math means easier to get in than high match right? what is the percent of geting in of low match, high match, and low, reach??</p>