Can anyone chance me for SDSU kinesiology major?

Hi, SDSU is my #1 school for kinesiology. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my chances are. I’m not sure right now seeing as they aren’t taking SAT/ACT into consideration for my year. My CSU GPA is 3.89 and my SAT is a 1220.

@annien9009: The CSU’s have gone test optional meaning you can submit a test score if you have one. I would definitely submit your test score but if you do not, then GPA will become the biggest factor towards you chances. Average CSU GPA for SDSU for 2019 admits was 3.97. You will have to wait until the summer for 2020 Freshmen profile but I would assume the averages will be higher than 2019.

Your EI is (3.89 x 800) + (1220)= 4312. It is a bit on the low side of the target 4459 but my niece did you an acceptance this year with a 4360 and she has a 4.0 CSU GPA. You are close so definitely worth an application.

According to the article below, GPA, HS course rigor and more emphasis on Math and English class grades will be considered. How they plan to change the EI is still in progress.

SDSU is my #1 choice for Kinesiology too! What are your stats so we can compare? Mabye we can give each other advice?