Can anyone comment on academics and reputation of the University of Miami?

<p>S is interested in the U of Miami. We were initially skeptical - when we applied to college back in the 60s, Miami seemed synonomous with beach volleyball, not serious academics. Maybe that was not really true back then; I don't think it is true now. From the research I've done, I get the sense that Miami is on the way up. They offer good merit money, which tends to bring better students in. S is not interested in the specialized honors programs (biomedical engineering, marine biology, etc.) but is considering business or communications, perhaps with a double major in one of the social sciences.</p>

<p>My husband noted that Donna Shalala who was president at Wisconsin is now at Miami. He thinks that bodes well for Miami and that if she was willing to leave a solid place like Wisconsin, Miami must have some potential. (Then again, maybe it was just the weather.... :) ) </p>

<p>The GC at school said that city schools are "hot" which typically translates into increased selectivity. Fiske says that overlaps include BU, NYU and UCLA. I know that Tulane is an overlap too. </p>

<p>I see that U of Miami is an EA choice for a number of CC kids, who are also applying to what I'd consider more high powered places. Is it just their safety, or a serious contender? These days, though, we all know the kids must love their safety....</p>

<p>Finally, does anyone have a chld there? Are they happy?</p>


<p>I wanna see some responses. Bump</p>

<p>My son's best friend turned down Hopkins for Miami. He had a specific program interest which while he could "accomodate" at Hopkins, was a prime program at Miami. He is in an honors program, got a full scholarship. He is taking 20 units, working very hard, meeting great people in his field (music related) and is very, very happy at this point. I think the school has some very fine departments...for this boy it made all the difference.</p>

<p>I've got a UMiami student as well. He loves it! I'd love to answer any specific questions you might have about UM.</p>

<p>I was a law student at Univ of Miami many years ago. When I was there, Miami had a strong reputation for its professional schools (law and medical) and had some great graduate programs such as Marine Biology. The undergraduate program was deemed to be a joke at the time since anyone with a pulse could get admitted. In fact, the inside joke among law students is that " if you had the money, you don't even need a pulse."</p>

<p>Frankly, this puzzled us law students. Miami had lots of potential with great weather, fabulous looking student body, great sports, and lots of potential donors who leave money to the university from the south Florida area. At the time, there weren't a lot of donors yet. Miami also had a great city to visit and to sample their enormous variety of restaurants.</p>

<p>Things have changed enormously. Miami still has all the benefits that I have mentioned but has even gotten better. Moreover, SAT scores have soared as has the GPA requrements. Miami also has gotten a lot of money from both its alumni and from south Florida donors. Many wealthy people from the east coast retire to Florida and leave money to Miami. </p>

<p>Miami also has a very strong connection with the alumni. This works to the benefit of students with many jobs being available and with a lot of money being donated from alumni. Miami's top sports program and great weather didnt' hurt either.</p>

<p>Miami also has been known to have a very diverse bunch of majors, which allow a great deal of choices for their undergraduates. Also, many top professors retire to Miami and want to teach part time. This gives Miami a cadre of some very smart and talented people.</p>

<p>Bottom line: You probably will enjoy attending there. Is it as academic as Harvard or Carngie Mellon? NO! However, it is getting there.</p>

<p>Seems that Miami is "hot" (a term I'm hearing a lot lately to describe schools dramatically rising in popularity with the really talented kids). I've been hearing the same about Emory.</p>

<p>I was at my son's school on the day of the deadline when all of the ED applicants had to declare their ED schools. I recall hearing a few kids discussing ED to Miami and I was surprised ( I wasn't aware of the new popularity wave at the time).</p>

<p>Here's a perspective. D and myself went to visit Duke in April, and she was totally enthralled with everything Blue Devil. As hot as Duke is, D's grades, scores & EC's, all excellent, would only put her on the fence, maybe on the wrong side. A crap shoot to be sure. She's also applied to BU, Saint Louis & UIUC.</p>

<p>Last month, after attending a UMiami info session here in the Midwest, wife & D went to Coral Gables to see for themselves. All of a sudden, no more Duke. UMiami is everything D wants--relatively small (less than 10K undergrads), renowned health science dep't, unbeatable weather, student body ethnic diversity, and (hopefully) good merit aid, which we would desperately need given UMiami's near $40K out-the-door cost.</p>

<p>Even though it's farther away than I'd like, D has worked her tail off in HS & maybe doesn't deserve to freeze it off in January & February in the Midwest.</p>

<p>I really appreciate the posts, which seem to confirm my thoughts about Miami - both what it was like years back and where things seem to be now. Living on the west coast, it is really off the radar and no one we know has either sent a kid or is considering it. So it is helpful to have a reality check with people who are more knowledgeable. </p>

<p>S became interested after reading a brochure (!) - most get ignored but some do get opened, and this attracted his attention. I am guessing it was their sports that made him curious to learn a little more about the school, but it was the page describing the merit money they offer that really got his attention. He likes the size; the fact he could study either business and/or communications, combining that with a double major in an Arts and Sciences area; that the city of Miami offers great internship opportunities; that Miami (both the city and the univ) are diverse places; and that it is in a warm and sunny climate. Seems a fabulous combo!</p>

<p>He is also looking at Tulane, but Miami is sounding better and better.</p>

<p>I find myself worrying about how much partying goes on - I know they can party anywhere, if they so choose, but any comments on that, at either Miami or Tulane, would be helpful too.</p>

<p>Thanks again.</p>

<p>I didn't see the post from JNM123 while I wrote mine - must have happened at the same time - but I really can resonate with it. S also has worked hard at a competitive private school. He wants a college where his life is more balanced. He has no interest in LACS - too small and he feels he's been at one for the last 3 years. Indeed, most of his school's alums do find their first year of college less challenging or as challenging as HS was. Yes, it is far, but I've made my peace with that aspect already. Since S has not yet visited - though he will before making a final decision - I really do apprecate the input.</p>

<p>jnm.....from a midwesterner myself (southern IL) let me set your mind a little at ease. I too was petrified to have the kid go away as far as he chose to. But the transition from small town midwestern kid to Miami resident has gone alot smoother than I could have hoped for. He was accepted to UIUC as well, and with the financial aid it became as economical as UIUC. Even in-state tuition w/room, board, and expected expenses UIUC and Miami were not that different. His best friend went ahead and attended UIUC and from listening to the two of them talk, UIUC is no better or no worse as far as party atmospheres. </p>

<p>I won't lie.....Miami can be a party place (less so on campus than UIUC) but off campus parties are readily available. But is it anymore than any other college campus? I'd bet not. But.....the reputation of sunshine U these days is completely overblown. The improvements also are happening rapidly, these days, as shown in its USNWR rating (going up), it's endowments (600 mil already raised of it's projected 1 billion), and its construction projects (several going on, including housing, classrooms and research facilities.) Please let me know if I can help with anything more!</p>

<p>Taxguy--I also was a law student at U of Miami many years ago--Class of 1979, to be exact. It was my first experience in watching 18 to 20 year old girls carrying designer handbags--we're talking Louis Vuitton, and there were no knockoffs back then!</p>

<p>Wish<em>it</em>was, I was an undergrad at Tulane--and at both places, you could choose to party hearty, or to buckle down. I'm sure it's the same way today--and probably the same on most college campuses. For college freshmen, just living on their own away from the rules of Mom & Dad is enough temptation; those who have the drive will study, and those who don't will party--whether they're in Miami, the Big Easy, or the middle of nowhere.</p>

<p>Merit money is available at Miami and Tulane....know 2 kids locally that were offered about 15000 at each,,,,,one ended up at Emory and the other at Wash U....Neither Emory nor Wash U offered these kids a cent. Know another child at Miami....a good student but not exceptional. Academically Miami and Tulane a notch below the others but solid.</p>

<p>Is Miami on line with a school like GW? Guess I could check on my own ., huh? Long week....</p>

<p>ON line? Not sure what you mean. If you are asking is Miami comparable academically to GW, I would say that for most majors, it is. Miami is a cheaper city to live in, better weather etc. Both schools are good. You need to check out what the strengths are for each school.</p>

<p>that's what I meant...thanks.
Percent applicants admitted: 44%
Degree-seeking undergrads: 9,629 </p>

<p>Test Scores, Middle 50% of First-Year Students Percent Who Submitted Scores
SAT Reasoning Verbal: 550 - 660 77%
SAT Reasoning Math: 570 - 680 77%
ACT Composite: - 21GW>>>></p>

<p>George Washington...
Percent applicants admitted: 39%
Degree-seeking undergrads: 9,953
Test Scores, Middle 50% of first-Year Students Percent Who Submitted Scores
SAT Reasoning Verbal: 590 - 690 95%
SAT Reasoning Math: 590 - 680 95%
ACT Composite: 25 - 29 19%</p>

<p>i have a question. i scored a 1370 on my SAT, and am applying to miami RD, but my school does not rank...would i still be qualified for scholarships? If so, how much would i get, because miami is one of my top choices, but only if i get good financial aid, because 40k is A LOT of money to spend for college.</p>

<p>i know there is a scholarship that gives like 1/2 (or something like) that tuition for students who have 1350+, and top 7% rank...would i be qualified for that even though my school does not rank?</p>

<p>Even though your school doesn't "officially" rank, they COULD rank you for the purposes of a scholarship. I don't believe you could compete for the scholaship without any sort of rank.</p>

<p>According to the Miami viewbook, ACT scores are:</p>

<p>25th percentile 27
75th percentile 31</p>

<p>SAT scores are:</p>

<p>25th percentile 1200
75th percentile 1360</p>

<p>Almost 2/3 of freshman were in top 10% of their HS class.</p>

<p>Hmmm Wish! I guess College Board isn't so dead on after all.....thanks for clarifying from the viewbook!</p>

<p>I don't know how I missed this post. My D has applied EA to Miami. She is applying RD to Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Emory, Brown and Southwestern. She interviewed with a UM rep here in Pittsburgh in October and liked everything that she heard. She knows that UM isn't a Brown or Duke but she will qualify for the 3/4 tuition scholarship there and has heard really good things about the school. We obtained the video from Collegiate and learned a lot from it as well. She is flying down to see the campus on Nov. 18 so I should be able to tell you a little more then. My husband is not thrilled with UM only because he has safety concerns but from everything that we have read and from everyone we have talked to it doesn't seem to merit any "extra" safety concerns. I will let you know how the visit goes.</p>