Can anyone explain the answers to these two writing section questions please?

<p>Alright so these two questions are from the 2007-2008 Official SAT practice test. It would be great if somebody could give a detailed explanation as to what the answer is for each one. </p>

<p>1) More than forty years <a href="A">have passed</a> <a href="B">since</a> a quarter of a million people marched on Washington D.C., <a href="C">in an attempt</a> <a href="D">to secure</a> civil rights for black Americans. No error(E)</p>

<p>I thought the answer was C because it should be "attempting". But apparently the answer is E. Isn't "in an attempt" too wordy though?</p>

<p>2) The television station <a href="A">has received</a> many complaints <a href="B">about</a> the clothing advertisements, <a href="C">which some</a> viewers condemn <a href="D">to be</a> tasteless. No error(E)</p>

<p>I chose no error but the answer is supposed to be D, although I don't understand how. </p>

<p>Remember, in the error identification part of the writing section, all you need to care about is whether the phrase is “grammatically correct” or not.
1/ As you can see, “in an attempt” is grammatically correct. This part of the writing section, unlike the sentence improvement part, doesn’t care about style or wordiness or the like.
2/ The correct preposition following “condemn” is “for”, so it should be “condemn for being tasteless”.</p>

<p>2) condemned as tasteless.</p>

<p>It is condemned as not condemned to be.</p>