Can anyone give me advice on this?

OK, maybe this is kind of a rant but Im so lost I dont even have a proper question, I just need some advice.

So, I want to go study ASAP, I want a good university abroad, not too expensive and no homeschooling because of Corona.

Im german, 19 year old man and white so I dont qualify for any minority scholarships.

I got a 1430 on the SAT, want to retake it and get up to a 1500, used to wanna go to school in US but I don’t with all the corona problems. FIrst idea was to stay here and work, but Im 19, I want to mive out, I always wanted to get out pretty early…

I want to study marketing or digital marketing and I worked the last schoolyear for an online marketing agency, I do poetry slams for fun and competitively and like playing basketball. Also I like making Indie music but Im not specifically good at it… I moved a lot because of my dad’s jobs, I had been living in 4 different places before I even turned 6 years old. Then, with 15 I went for the first time by myself to morocco for half a year. I found my love for digital marketing there and have created some websites, but they are in very niche topics so nothing too impressive for a college education. Maybe this is TMI but I just wanna know like what chances I ve got for scholarships and college admissions, I feel literally so lost and the more I google the less idea of how tf college works I have, we had no education or anything on that in germany.

My grades were decent, not excellent (1.8 from 1.0 to 6.0, 1.0 being the best) and I did have some more interests. When I was younger I was very competitive in running, ran too far at too young and destroyed my knees. I speak a lot of languages and Ive always loved writing and basketball. Im too short and too slow to apply on a basketball scholarship though, so maybe writing would be a better angle. I have won two poetry slams, I was one of the first students to get a perfect grade 3 times in a row in writing at my school and I wrote a lot on my job in online marketing, I also had a door to door sales job which I was doing OK at but I quit cause door to door is just annoying people proffessionally imo.

Furthermore, I love public speaking and gave tours at a holocaust memorial museum, when I was younger.

My parents are pretty wealthy, but they want me to support myself, not be dependent upon them, and I want that too so I wont be eligible for a need based scholarship.

I got 5k to my name and my parents would support me through some “normal” tuiton fees, no harvard obviously lol

My ideal universities would be the ones in new zealand cause I love the country, but tuiton there is crazy expensive (like 15k per year, which is a little too much for me)

Maybe if I got like a reaaally good SAT score in my next try and with some luck I could get into Imperial college, which ranks number 2 in marketing, but maybe Im just delusional.

Other great colleges for me would be lund sweden (also pretty expensive), paris (very selective) or others in scandinavia. I also like australia but I love forests and nature and don’t know if i would withstand the temperature. My original dream school was dartmouth but its so f*cking expensive so I’d love a uni with an exchange to there…

Thank you so much for reading so far, Im looking for any kinds of advice, ideas or maybe just a quick reality check that Im being delusional and got no chance with college xyz.

PS: My brother got into NYU on an incredible scholarship, so I also kinda feel pressured to archieve something, also all my friends are going off studying somewhere so I feel kind of left behing.

PPS: I dont always sound like a desperate idiot

I don’t know much about foreign colleges but what I do know is that if you have a dream school in America, it can’t hurt to apply and see what happens.

If your family is wealthy and you know you don’t qualify for NYU’s need based aid, are you saying he got some merit award?

Also, this is in the “non-traditional” subforum. That’s generally for older folks or after a longer break.

oh ok i get it. Didn’t exactly know what non-traditional means Yeah, he got a merit based one, he was straight A student and national debate champion…

thanks, I think you’re right I should try…