Can anyone proofread my personal essay?

<p>I honestly don't see how anyone can steal your essay. It's pretty unique.</p>

<p>I already have my topics so I can't really "steal" anyone's...
do you mind PMing it to me?
my guidance counselor says every good essay has a "vehicle" liektalking about tomatoes and onions (vehicle) but relating it all back to your own personal characteristics.</p>

<p>Check your PM's Albert, I sent my feedback.</p>

<p>Over here.</p>

<p>Feedback sent back!
Good luck with your essay and if you, or any other poster, needs help with essays on this forum, just PM me.</p>

<p>Dude, I'll send you feedback later tonight. I read it last night, but there are edits that need to be made and I'll write you later. Liked what I read so far though, so good job!</p>

<p>I'd love to take a look! My Personal Essay is almost ready, so I may let you take a look when I finish your's ;)</p>