Can anyone recommend some good hotels near Berkeley/SF?

<p>I'm heading down there w/ a friend for CalSo on june 10th and i'm looking for some cheap but decent hotels at SF that is not too far from UCB. any recommendations? i'm looking for like the $50-60 range since i'm cheap. i'm staying in the dorm thing at berkeley for one night, but i need a hotel near SF for the 2nd night</p>

<p>you know whats really cheap and i wish i would have known..cuz when i went up there i stayed at semi decent crap motel for $80(including taxes)...i should have planned out my trip better....but you know whats really cheap and okay for 1 night? and close to Berkeley?</p>

<p>the YMCA....and it looks decent...</p>

<p>Berkeley-Albany</a> YMCA : Downtown Berkeley - Hotel</p>

<p>there is a hostel nearby, but can't you stay at berkeley for the night?</p>