Can anyone tell about NYU!

<p>i have thought on applying to NYU, and thou i like the enviroment cause i feel confortable in big cities, im not sure if that would be the best option to my career, which is business and marketing, so im asking if anyone can give some advice or something about NYU and if it would be my best option according to my career plans</p>

<p>Hey man I know you like a university in NY, I really dont know what university to tell you that is good for bussiness, when I get to know one I will tell you</p>

<p>You should study business in the NYU school of business: Stern, it is one of the best in the US. Marketing is also a good career, but idk if it is good in NYU.</p>

<p>well Daniel I have looked and have heard that NYU is an excellent university for what you are looking so think about that, and start looking for a way of living in there, if you really want to be in thi university, be careful in youre choices.</p>

<p>NYU Stern is one of the top undergrad business schools in the country. Going there probably puts you in a great position to get jobs in NYC doing marketing. Look more into campus life (or lack there of) because other urban colleges with strong business programs (Penn, Emory, MIT (well it's close to downtown Boston), etc) will have different aspects that you may like or dislike.</p>

<p>AGREE with venkant89, NYU stern is one of the top ! and therefore i recommend it to you</p>

Personnaly i think that NYU is a very good under grad school on businness, me my self have also been looking at NYU because i am interested in the same carrer as you are, and I can tell you it is a very good university one of the best.</p>

<p>Quick question, because the different parts of NYU seem to get different reviews: which schools are subjectively "good" at NYU, and which ones would you pass up in lieu of other colleges?</p>

<p>Fair bit of warning: NYU is known as having an amazing business school for especially FINANCE and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS(#2 USA each). However, many contend that some departments are neglected. The most neglected department? Marketing.</p>

<p>jbruner, what else about NYU schools? not just stern, but what programs are the best? the worst?</p>

<p>NYU departments of philosophy and art history are the best in the US, math department is among top 5-6 overall and #1 in applied math, neural science, economics (CAS), politics, anthropology, sociology, French, English, and a few other CAS departments are among top ten. The rest are very solid, well-regarded nationally. The natural sciences departments (physics, chemistry, biology) are excellent in the areas they cover, but are relatively small primarily because of space constraints - real estate in Manhattan is expensive. Tisch is one of the two best art schools in the country, but that is probably not of interest to you.</p>

<p>Hey so have you decided?</p>

<p>heyy everybody thanks for all your help, i really appriciate it... so you think NYU its a good place for business and marketing? i guess i have my ideas clear now, and all my career plans ready , thanks for your help!</p>


<p>NYU is an excellent school for business, but the lack of a social life would personally keep me away (there are lots of urban schools that manage to have a social/ campus experience, NYU isn't one of them).</p>

<p>NYU is excellent - business school,location,etc. Only problem for most people is tremendous price and less than ideal financial aid. </p>

<p>However I am a fan of NYU. You might also want to check out Fordham,BU,Northeastern,BC, etc. To get some comparisons to see what you would prefer in college.</p>