can anyone tell me about study aboard programs at NYU??

<p>hi, I'm a seniro planing to study Premed....
can anyone tell me how does the study aboard program works for international students?? is it obligatory?
what if i want to study premed????</p>


<p>i dunno.
But studying abroad is cool/fun</p>

<p>From what I've learned, it is definitely not mandatory to participate in the study abroad program UNLESS you are in the scholars program (in which case you may opt to study abroad after sophomore year). Fortunately, even those who are struggling to finish the pre-med requirements are able to complete those courses abroad (shades_children studied in London, so if you're interested definitely message her).</p>

<p>Actually, goyoungha, I studied abroad during sophomore year. It's pretty much the only time when pre-med chemistry students can go, so. But yeah, tashin, if you have specific questions, ask away.</p>

<p><em>shrug</em> It appears, once again, that I am not infallible.</p>


<p>ok, so how does NYU decide which student have to study aboard before entereing the university? All of my friends who were accepted to NYU had to study aboard (venice, spain, etc...) on year or so before entering the university....
is the program applied to every international student? (I'm in an international school in Argentina).
Does it help to study aboard? (I'm planning to study premed)
What are the pros and cons???</p>

<p>one more question.... does NYU offer graphic design or a related course???</p>

<p>thank you so much for answering, i really appreciate this info.....</p>


<p>I believe you are referring to an option given to international students who have been referred to the GSP. Here is some information provided by the Admissions Office.</p>

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<p>Good luck.</p>

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<p>very extensive. possibly the largest or one of the largest selection of location offered by any university. it has its own schools in 7 countries i believe in additon to the numerous international partnerships</p>