Can anyone tell me list of best colleges?

Please mention which colleges are best.

What state are you from? What are you interested in majoring in?

With a post as vague as that, the first thing that comes to mind is that your best school might be the closest CC to your house. :wink:

On a more serious note, if you want credible answers you need to let folks know more of what you are looking for (major field(s) of study, stats, affordability, etc).

Much of the College Confidential board adds up to one long conversation about the topic question.
However, for most high school students, the problem isn’t that hard.
The best colleges are the closest, cheapest ones that will accept you and that have the programs you want.

If you want to cover a bigger market, then you could start with any of the following published college rankings:

There are thousands of 2 and 4 year institutions. With such a broad based question, you have a lot of work to do to narrow it down.

Thankyou my friend


This question is too vague

Best Colleges for Who?
A+ Students (97-100/2000-2400/30-36)
A Students (93-96/1800-1900/27-29)
A- Students (89-92/1600-1700/24-26)
B+ Students? (86-89/1400-1500/21-23)
B Students (83-86/1300-1500/19-21)
B- Students (79-82/1300-1400/16-18)
C+ Students (76-79/1250-1350/13-15)

For What?
Business & Communications
English,History, & Humanities
Fine,Visual, & Performing Arts
Health & Medicine
Law/Public Services


The main types of non-profit institutions that grant Bachelor’s degrees are the following:

  • Public universities
  • Private universities
  • Liberal arts colleges (LACs)

Each segment has a great number of quality schools.

U of Wisconsin.

business and communication in southwest

public universities

yes i am doing that but confused

If you count Texas as part of the Southwest:

University of Texas-Austin
Texas A&M University
University of Texas-El Paso
University of Texas-Dallas
Texas Tech University
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University
University of Arizona
Arizona State University

Those are some of the public universities in the Southwest.

I suggest working on your basic English fluency.

Why ask such a broad question, then respond with six words when we’re trying to assist you?